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Very Nice to Meet You

I LOVE cruising, and have been cruising most of the world since 1992. I experienced cruising in all its glory, form and shapes, from working on board the major cruise lines, such as Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity. Princess and Holland America as well as the small and luxurious cruise lines, such as Viking, Oceania, Wind Star and others. 

Working on board (and shoreside for a short while), in various management positions with several cruise line, enabled me to learn, experience and recommend to 10000s of guests, the ins and the outs of each cruise line and destination that I have ever worked on and visited, and so to ensure that they will make the right choice, enjoy every aspect of the onboard experience, maximize their time in port, explore the destination like a local, and most importantly, have the best cruise possible.

After over 30 years at sea, working on board, in various management positions, including many years as the Cruise Consultant, Ram has retired from sea life in November 2023, and dropped an anchor on land, while continuing to cruise as a guest as often as possible, as well as an independent consultant on special occasions..


But, as most crew members knows, "you can take a person away from the sea, but you can never take the sea away from the person", so, Ram is super-excited to launch "My Cruise Connoisseur", and continue and share his passion for everything cruising, to cruise fans (and fellow crew members), worldwide.

I am proud, honored, and humbled to include top executives in the cruise industry as my friends, colleagues, advisors, mentors, and connections, which many of them encouraged and supported me in launching this venture, now that I retired from full scale on board work.

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