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Set Sail Through Time: A Cruise History Trivia Extravaganza!

  1. Which ancient civilization is credited with the earliest recorded pleasure cruises, using galleys for leisure trips down the Nile River? 

  2. What 19th-century paddle steamer, launched in 1818, is considered the first commercially successful cruise ship, offering regular sailings between New York and Albany? 

  3. Which pioneering British shipping company, founded in 1840, revolutionized ocean travel by offering luxurious transatlantic crossings and is still a major player in the cruise industry today? 

  4. What iconic German cruise ship, built in 1912, was the largest afloat at the time and tragically sank in 1915, becoming a symbol of maritime disaster?

  5. What innovative American cruise line, launched in 1966, introduced the "floating resort" concept with larger ships offering multiple dining options, entertainment venues, and onboard activities? 

  6. What technological innovation in the 1960s, the gas turbine engine, allowed for faster and more efficient cruise ships, opening up new destinations and longer itineraries? 

  7. Norwegian Cruise Line journey began in 1966 as __________ __________ __________.

  8. Which groundbreaking ship, launched in 1988, was the first mega-cruise ship, exceeding 100,000 gross tons and featuring innovative design features like multiple atriums and climbing walls? 

  9. What growing trend in the cruise industry focuses on smaller, more intimate ships offering personalized experiences and access to off-the-beaten-path destinations? 

  10. Which iconic 1970s sitcom famously featured a "Love Boat" cruise ship, setting the stage for romantic comedies set at sea? 

  11. What Hollywood blockbuster movie, released in 1997, featured a fictional luxury cruise ship that encounters a disaster, showcasing the thrills and potential dangers of ocean travel? 

  12. A unique traditional ceremony involves passengers and led by the ship's captain only happens when the ship is crossing the _____________ on a cruise.

  13. What is the name of the official mascot for the Disney Cruise Line, a beloved cartoon character known for his love of adventure and exploration? 

  14. Which cruise line boasts the largest ship in the world by gross tonnage?

  15. What is the traditional ceremony held when a new cruise ship is launched for the first time?

Answers will be posted on our Facebook page 14 days after the original Trivia post. Good Luck!

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