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Welcome to My Cruise Connoisseur's Blog!

Updated: Jan 7

Shalom, and welcome to My Cruise Connoisseur's Blog.

My name is Ram, I LOVE cruising, and have been cruising most of the world since 1992. I experienced cruising in all its glory, forms and shapes, from working on board the major cruise lines, such as Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity. Princess and Holland America as well as the small and luxurious cruise lines, such as Viking, Oceania, Wind Star and others. 

Cruising out of NYC
Cruising out of NYC

Working on board (and shoreside for a short while), in management positions, enabled me to learn, experience, share and recommend to 10000s of officers, crew members and guests, the ins and the outs of each cruise line and destination that I have ever worked on and visited, to ensure that they will make the right choice, enjoy every aspect of the onboard experience, and most importantly, explore the destination like a local. 

Why My Cruise Connoisseur?

I’ve met 100000s of cruisers from all over the world and from all walks of life who loves and are fans of cruising, and many of them shared with me their wish to be able to choose wisely when they book their next cruise from home, either online, through a travel agency or directly with the Cruise Line.

So, in January 2024, soon after I retired from working on board, I launched My Cruise Connoisseur, a platform that uses visual online presentations, group Zoom calls and personal consultations, in an effort to educate and inform its members and future cruisers about cruise destinations and ports of call worldwide, allowing them to save time, save money, avoid regrets, avoid disappointments, and ultimately, make the right choices!

Stay tune for weekly posts and I look forward to share with you more, more and more...


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