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We are ready for a cruise, but which cruise line is the best fit for us?

Updated: May 1

Had a great consultation call yesterday with first-time cruisers who were seeking unbiased and unfiltered answers about which cruise line to choose. In just 30 minutes, I was able to provide clarity and guidance and help them make a decision that saved them time and money, and most importantly, prevented any regrets or disappointments. As someone who has worked on most major cruise lines and many cruise ships, I know how overwhelming it can be to decide which one to go on.

So, which cruise line is the best for me?

Unfortunately, I can't tell you definitively which cruise line is the "best" for you, as it depends entirely on your individual preferences and priorities for your cruise vacation. However, I can help you narrow down your choices by considering the following factors:

  • Budget: Cruise lines range in price from budget-friendly to ultra-luxury. Consider how much you are willing to spend on your cruise before you start looking at specific lines.

  • Travel style: Do you prefer a more active and adventurous vacation, or a more relaxed and luxurious one? Different cruise lines cater to different styles of travel.

  • Destination: Where do you want to cruise? Some cruise lines specialize in certain regions, while others offer a wider variety of destinations.

  • Interests: What kind of activities are you interested in on your cruise? Some cruise lines offer a wide variety of onboard activities, such as shows, pools, casinos, and rock climbing walls, while others are more focused on relaxation and exploration.

  • Travel companions: Who are you traveling with? Some cruise lines are more family-friendly, while others are more geared towards couples or adults only.

There are several different types of cruise lines available, each catering to different preferences and budgets. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Mainstream (and Family-friendly) Cruise Lines: These are the most popular type of cruise lines, offering a variety of ships, destinations, and activities at a moderate price point. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

  • Premium Cruise Lines: These lines offer a higher level of service and amenities than mainstream lines, with a focus on fine dining, enrichment programs, and spacious accommodations. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

  • Luxury Cruise Lines: These lines offer the ultimate in luxury cruising, with all-inclusive fares, personalized service, and exclusive amenities. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

  • Expedition Cruise Lines: These lines focus on exploring remote destinations and offer unique experiences, such as wildlife viewing and cultural immersion. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

The cruise industry is thriving and is becoming the preferred choice for many travelers. However, with so many cruise lines and ships available, it can be challenging for first-time cruisers and even veterans to choose the best option for their journey.


And, if you are looking for an Adult Only Cruise Lines, which offers a child-free experience, with an adult only activities, events and atmosphere, then Click HERE to read more.

Ultimately, the best type of cruise line for you depends on your individual preferences and budget. Consider what is important to you in a cruise vacation, and then research the different types of lines available to find the best fit.



A cruise is a significant investment, both financially and personally, and there is no room (or option) for regrets and disappointment, so sign up for a personal consultation with me, Ram, a 30+ years veteran and Cruise Consultant Extraordinaire.​

  • Informed Decision-Making: Empower yourself with knowledge to save time, reduce costs, and maximize satisfaction.

  • Expert Guidance from Ram: Benefit from Ram's extensive cruise industry experience for personalized recommendations.

  • Explore Like a Local: Discover destinations through the eyes of a seasoned expert for a truly local experience.



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