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How to "behave" and how not to "behave" on board a cruise ship!

Updated: Feb 17

Yesterday, I had a private consulting session with a group of first-time cruisers, and we covered two cruise destinations and the ports of calls. As they have never cruised before, they asked me about the onboard experience.

A cruise ship is a "living organism", and just like in Rome, if you want to enjoy your experience by gaining the most that the cruise ships, its crew-members and its fellow guests has to offer, one must "behave", or else...

So, based on the above call, I decide to share with you fun, informative and important tips you should memorize and follow;


  • Explore the ship: Take some time to explore all the nooks and crannies of the ship. There are likely to be hidden gems you wouldn't want to miss, like secret pools, adult-only areas, or observation decks with stunning views.

  • Indulge in the food: Cruise ships offer a wide variety of cuisine, from casual buffets to gourmet Restaurants. Be sure to try a little bit of everything, and don't forget to make reservations for the specialty restaurants if you're interested.

  • Attend the shows: Cruise ships offer a variety of shows and entertainment options, from Broadway-style productions to comedy club and musical performances, as well as enrichment lectures and fun games. Check the daily schedule and catch the activities that interest you.

  • Relax by the pool: Soak up the sun, take a dip in the pool, and enjoy the ocean views. Many cruise ships also have hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and other relaxation areas.

  • Go on shore excursions: Explore the ports of call at your own pace, or sign up for organized shore excursions. This is a great way to see the sights, enjoy new activities and experiences, and learn about the local culture.

Thinking about a cruise? Let My Cruise Connoisseur help plan it with you
Ram Glick

  • Mingle with other passengers: Cruises are a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. Strike up a conversation with your neighbors at dinner, join a group activity, or simply relax in the common areas.


  • Pack too much: Cruise ships typically have limited storage space in cabins, so pack only what you need. Be sure to check the cruise line's website for packing guidelines. Click the photo to read our blog post for some tips for selecting cruise-appropriate clothing.

  • Forget your Documents: Make sure you have all of your necessary documents, such as your passport, cruise tickets, and travel insurance, before you leave home.

  • Miss the safety briefing: The safety briefing is important for learning about the ship's safety procedures and evacuation routes. Don't skip it!

  • Be rude to the staff: The crew members work hard to make your cruise enjoyable. Be respectful and treat them kindly.

Thinking about a cruise? Let My Cruise Connoisseur help plan it with you
Ram Glick

  • Overindulge in food and drinks: It's easy to go overboard with the all-inclusive food and drinks, but be mindful of your consumption. Overindulging can lead to health problems and spoil your vacation.

  • Bring prohibited items: Be sure to review the cruise line's list of prohibited items before you pack. These items often include alcohol, drugs, hazardous material, non-approved electrical equipment and fire arms or knifes.

  • Ignore the dress code: Some cruise ships have dress codes for certain restaurants, shows, and events. Be sure to pack accordingly.

  • Forget to tipping: Tipping is customary on cruise ships. The recommended tipping amount is usually between $10-$15 per person per day.

  • Swim after dark: It's generally not safe to swim in the pools after dark, for several reasons, so make sure to follow the ship's rules and suggestions.

  • Go overboard: This one is pretty self-explanatory!

By following these tips, you can ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable cruise vacation. For more information, insights and suggestions, visit us at "My Cruise Connoisseur".


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