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Ports of Call

Maximizing the time in the Ports of Call is super important to the overall experience, so choosing the best itinerary is crucial. 


"I witnessed first hand the disappointment of many guests who were not aware of the"time in port"when they booked their cruise. I always emphasized in my presentations the importance of that factor, as it can and will be a game-changer between a short or a long stay in many ports." - Ram Glick


We must make sure that our ships docks in a prime location and stayed docked for as long as possible, as some ports of call offer more than just one "must-see" stop (and sometime, 3 or 4 "must-see" stops). 

Ram covers the main ports of call, as well as the "must-see" and "must-do",

in each one of the destination presentations. 

Cruises in the Mediterranean
Ports of Call
Ports of Call
Ports of Call
Ports of Call
Ports of Call
Ports of Call

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